What Is Gnosis?

Gnosis is a Greek word meaning knowledge, a knowledge gained through the intuitive apprehension of spiritual truth. Gnosis is not a religion, nor does it belong to time, place, culture or personality. Gnosis is the golden thread that leads us back to our own individual divinity.

Gnosticism Today 

The mission of Gnosticism in this day and age is to deliver once again the method and knowledge necessary for the achievement of Self-Realization in each one of us.  These modern Gnostic teachings are based on the work of Samael Aun Weor, a Self-Realized master who, in following his own path of inner liberation, simultaneously unveiled a synthesized system of teachings which are compatible with our modern age.

Gnosis is a cosmic teaching that aspires to restore, within each of us, the capacity of living in a conscious and intelligent way.
— Samael Aun Weor
Visit:  gnosistr.com

Visit:  gnosistr.com