Who Is Samael Aun Weor?

Samael Aun Weor was born in Colombia on March 6, 1917.  From an early age he became interested in the transcendental aspects of life and began a profound search into the various metaphysical schools in existence at that time in order to find answers to the eternal questions: Who are we?  What is the purpose of life? Why do we live?

He studied the Theosophical Doctrine, the system of Gurdjieff, the Masonic tradition, the Gnostic-Rosicrucian tradition – each esoteric schools of that time. He also studied Kabbalah and Alchemy in depth. He experienced each theory in himself in order to verify its reality. And so he began a path towards self-knowledge that led him to the discovery of the Initiatic Path, the path of Self-Realization. 

Samael Aun Weor is the author of a great number of literary works of a psychological, philosophical, anthropological and scientific nature. His style as a writer has a great synthetic power and for this reason, he is often called the “Master of the Synthesis”. His works have been translated into a variety of languages.

Some of Samael Aun Weor's main literary works:

  • Revolutionary Psychology
  • The Perfect Matrimony
  • The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
  • The Mysteries of the Golden Blossom
  • The Three Mountains
  • The Revolution of the Dialectic
  • The Mysteries of the Golden Blossom
  • The Three Mountains
  • The Revolution of the Dialectic
  • The Great Rebellion
  • Tarot and Kabbalah
  • Christic Aztec Magic
  • Parsifal Unveiled 

Nowadays we can find a large part of his work translated into various languages.

Samael Aun Weor abandoned his physical body on the 24th of December of 1977 in Mexico City, where he lived for more than twenty years.

Today his doctrine has thousands of students and supporters all over the world.

May the words that follow be of help to better understand a spiritual Master who is difficult to confine in any schema, which is why his universal work has spread throughout the five continents:

"We do not want idolaters… nor are we interested in followers. We are signposts; so do not become attached to us because our work is not one of proselytizing. We indicate the path to follow with logical thought and exact concept so that each person may arrive at his or her Inner Master, the one that dwells in silence within each one of you."

Samael Aun Weor, Zodiacal Course


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Visit:  gnosistr.com