First Chamber Program

This list of 33 class topics covers the fundamentals of Gnostic Knowledge. Each class consists of a talk as well as a short, guided meditation practice.


First Block: Introduction to Gnosis

1. Introduction to Gnosis

2. The Four Ways

3. The Two Lines of Life

4. Need and Greed


Second Block: Foundations of Gnostic Psychology

5. Ego, Essence and Personality

6. Human Machine and The Pluralized "I"

7. The Three Brains and How to Solve Problems

8. The Three Minds

9. The Universal Mind


Third Block: The Awakening of Consciousness

10. Spatial Sense and the Fourth Dimension

11. Awakening of Consciousness

12. Learning How to Listen


Fourth Block: Universal Laws and the Ray of Death

13. Return, Recurrence, and Reincarnation

14. The Law of Karma and Dharma

15. Mysteries of Life and Death (pt.1)

16. Mysteries of Life and Death (pt.2)

17. Evolution, Involution, and Revolution


Fifth Block: The Origin of Man

18. Seven Rounds and Seven Races

19. The Origin of the "I"

20. Lunar Influence

21. The Hidden Side of the Psychological Moon


Sixth Block: Gnostic Esotericism

22. Universal Sound

23. The Seven Cosmos

24. The Tree of Life

25. Study of the Solar Man

26. The Seven Types of Man


Seventh Block: Use and Expansion of our Energy

27. Psychic Development

28. Transformation of Impressions

29. Prana, Tattwas, and Pranayama

30. Sexual Hydrogen Si-12

31. Astral Travel


Eighth Block: The Era of Aquarius and its Foundations

32. The New Era of Aquarius

33. The Pancatattwa Ritual


Ninth Block: Preparation for Meditation Chamber

Prerequisite: Regular Attendance to First Chamber Program